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AI Worlds: No rules, no objective. Only adventure.

AI-powered text-based game platform with new level of Open World interactivity

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GTA AI Adventure

GTA AI Adventure

Embark on a thrilling urban fun game escapade, inspired by GTA universe! Choose your path as you explore, interact with diverse characters, and indulge in a world of crime, heists, and adrenaline-pumping adventures.

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Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

Let AI be your game master and dive into a fantasy realm filled with magic, mythical creatures, and endless adventures! Craft your own destiny and unravel the mysteries of an epic, immersive world.

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Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest

Set off on an interstellar odyssey across uncharted galaxies. Encounter alien species, navigate cosmic challenges, and forge alliances in a quest for discovery and triumph. Your decisions shape the fate of the cosmos in this thrilling space adventure.

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Need AI help?

Need AI help?

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Cyber Runners

Cyber Runners

Dive into a fast-paced cyberpunk action game with an immersive storyline. Players navigate a futuristic world as skilled runners, utilizing advanced technology and combat skills to complete daring missions while uncovering a rich narrativel.

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Space Dust

Space Dust

Jump into an expansive sci-fi RPG where players embark on an endless journey through the cosmos. Explore uncharted galaxies, evolve your character endlessly, and uncover a captivating story woven within the fabric of the universe.

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Escape from Dead End

Escape from Dead End

Immerse yourself into a spine-chilling horror game set in a zombie apocalypse. Navigate through the horrors of the apocalypse while seeking a path to safety amidst the relentless onslaught of undead threats.

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Portal Chronicles

Portal Chronicles

Navigate this realm, players uncover mysteries through portals that lead to unexplored dimensions, each presenting unique challenges and hidden secrets. With every portal discovered, a new adventure awaits.

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Game Modes

Battle Royale
Action RPG
Open World
Story Telling

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Open World for any Universe

Borderless adventure in your favorite worlds powered with AI!

Powered by Open AI GPT-4 Turbo

Best trained AI models to lead you through the adventure!

Accessible in your Messenger

Web application and mobile app coming soon!

Build adventures. Earn royalty

Create your own custom AI-driven scenarios and earn a cut from every $AIW token that was used to play it!

Explore AI Worlds using audio

Harness the potential of OpenAI Whisper to navigate the world with your voice and experience the adventure in audio.

Visualize anything with your adventure

Channel the power of OpenAI DALL-E to create bespoke visuals of characters, events, and locations you encounter.

Token Utility

Token Utility DescriptionToken Utility Description

Our Vision

Craft vast worlds, enjoy borderless adventures

Limitless worlds at your fingertips

Community-driven custom scenarios and rewards system

API Marketplace of NPC characters


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Co-Founder, CEO

AI Expert, ML engineer, Blockchain enthusiast

10 years in game development

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Co-Founder, CBDO

AI visioner

7 years in crypto and blockchain companies

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Game Designer

AI Game creator and producer

15 years in game design

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AI expert, marketing guru

12 years in promoting AAA games

12 technical professionals and marketing experts


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Immersive Gaming Redefined

AI Worlds is a community-driven platform that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enable unlimited open world interactions and gameplay in your favorite universes. By transforming the game landscape, AI empowers players to navigate through infinite game worlds and relive diverse scenarios, offering an immersive and dynamically evolving gaming experience.

Here, the AI acts as your guide, weaving words into the story you create and enhancing your gaming experience in ways you have never felt before. Embark on the adventures of your own design, stepping into roles of characters of your favorite fantasy worlds. Play it your way with AI Worlds!


What is AI Worlds?

Who is creating the worlds and the games within them?

Worlds are created using highly-specific AI training, which is then able to craft unique experiences in real-time ensuring every adventure you embark on is completely new. Custom experiences and adventures in the form of quests, missions, world characters can be created and shared by the AI Worlds community.

Which worlds can I explore in AI Worlds?

What makes AI Worlds different from other text-based games?

Can I create my own worlds and experiences within AI Worlds?

Where can I get tokens to continue playing AI Worlds?

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